Soon after the takeover of Roba Industrial Piping by Heitkamp Industrial Solutions, the first order was placed under the new management.

The company Holzhauer-Pumpen GmbH placed an order for the prefabrication of pipeline spools with Roba Industrial Piping in November 2021. For the prefabrication of these spools, different steel grades (carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel) up to DN 600 with partly large wall thicknesses were used. The total volume of piping to be supplied amounts to approx. 10 tons.

This interesting project involves the expansion of one of Germany’s largest tank farms for mineral oil and petrochemical products. This tank storage has a total capacity of 174,000 m³ distributed over 64 tanks. The pipelines of Roba and the aggregates of Holzhauer-Pumpen GmbH are used for securing the supply of the stationary foaming and sprinkling systems within the tank storage. Four identical diesel fire pumps, each with a capacity of 18,500 l/min (approx. 1,100 m³/h) at a delivery pressure of 12 – 14 bar, provide the necessary extinguishing water supply.

We would like to thank the company Holzhauer-Pumpen GmbH for the good cooperation.